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Amy Hendy Photography offers pet photography to forever capture the character of our beloved pets & wildlife photography to deepen our connection with nature and to promote awareness of, appreciation for, and coexistence with the wildlife with whom we share our environments.

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Wolf Park

Wolves are one some of the most intelligent, beautiful and social animals on this planet and I got to spend some time with wolves and some foxes too recently at the Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana. The Wolf Park is a great place to go to get up close to wolves and to learn about these magnificent animals. 


Amy Hendy Photography Art Exhibition

There's an Amy Hendy Photography Art Exhibition currently running in Columbus, Indiana. Baker's Fine Gifts and Accessories in downtown Columbus is running the show which highlights local wildlife to promote respect for our local wildlife and to deepen our connection to nature and animals through art. The show runs until Friday, October 18th. If you're in the area, come in and check it out and Clemmie will be there to greet you! 

Baker's Fine Gifts and Accessories is located at 433 Washington Street, Columbus, Indiana.


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Do you want to book a photo session or have any other questions or comments? If so, please give me a shout.