Respect All Life. Protect The Wild.


Native to and based in Columbus, Indiana, pets and wildlife are my main focus when it comes to photography. I'm an animal lover and animals and pets have always been some of my favorite subjects to photograph when I'm looking through my lens. 

I'm drawn to animals and want to greet every pet I see. I always appreciate the opportunity to connect with pets and I enjoy working with and capturing the character of every pet I photograph. 

Most of my wildlife pics are of local wildlife who live not on protected lands, but in the green spaces amidst the suburban sprawl and in our own "backyards".  To promote awareness of, appreciation for and coexistence with local wildlife with whom we share our environments and to deepen one's connection with nature and animals, that's my quiet call to action when I share my nature and wildlife pics. Of course, I photograph wildlife simply because I enjoy it, I enjoy catching glimpses of wild animals and just being outside and in nature. It's my zen.

Enjoy the pics.